Planting your urban vineyard

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So you’ve just picked up your grapevine cutting and now it’s time to plant! Have a little look at your cutting and you’ll see it has lots of little buds sticking out which are charged up and ready to flower. Treat your cutting right and with a bit of luck those little buds will burst with pretty green shoots in the next two to four weeks.

The first step is to plant your vine. Choosing the right spot can be a little tricky with your cutting at a particularly delicate stage of life. Vines like sunshine but can not handle too much heat as cuttings. The best place can be a window sill or garden bed that receives the morning sun but is spared the afternoon heat, which can cook your little vine.

Snip the bottom and top of your vine to expose the green wood. Place the bottom half of your cutting in around 10-20cm of soil with the buds pointing up. Your cutting has been in cold storage for months so it is going to need a little love. Give the soil a good soaking to begin with and then a little water every two to three days. But don’t overwater or your cutting could rot unless it is planted in a hot place. If you are superkeen add a little fertilizer or Seasol as a little boost.

Congratulations – you are now a vigneron!