The serious side of The Urban Vineyard Project

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Merry Christmas from The Urban Vineyard Project – we hope you and your vine have a very merry festive season. Today we have a little wine history lesson and an important announcement about your vine.

You may have heard about the vine louse – Phylloxera Vastarix – tiny insects that almost destroyed wine. These bugs feed on vine roots and lead to the destruction of almost all the historic vineyards in France in the late 1800s, and some of Australia’s for good measure – classic vineyards famed for centuries ruined. In Australia, we now have some of the oldest vines in the world because Phylloxera had never infested a handful of our most famous regions, such as the Barossa and Hunter Valleys.

Phylloxera is transported to new wine regions on the roots of grapevines and in 2006 a new outbreak was detected in the Yarra Valley. At the moment your cuttings may just have some small roots starting to emerge but if you live in Sydney or many other regions there is a chance, a very small chance, that your vine may someday be attacked by Phylloxera.

So there are some strict laws in place about transporting grapevine material. So, for this reason, we ask you not to, under any circumstances, transplant your vines to a new region once they have been planted, even if only in a pot. Keep them in one place and you are helping to protect many of our finest wine regions.

Cheer and happy vine growing,

The Urban Vineyard Project