TOP TIPS on how to care for your vine in the Summer heat!

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Happy New Year from Urban Vineyard Project – we hope you and your vine had a fantastic festive season. Thanks for all the emails we’ve received about your vines. It is great to see some of the vines are just starting to sprout so if your vine is yet to bloom hang in there and don’t stop regularly watering it as there is a good chance that it will still come to life.

Today’s email is about the heat, which we have had plenty of in the last couple of weeks. Your hardwood grapevine cuttings are fairly delicate so you really need to take good care of them, especially on baking hot days when they will dehydrate very easily and in the worst cases die.

Firstly give the vines a good soaking before and after any hot days over 30 degrees Celsius. If possible move your vines to a shaded area, or even inside during peak heat periods. For those vines that have already sprouted your leaves may brown on the hottest of days but that is nothing to worry about unless all the leaves brown and then fall off which indicates significant heat stress.

But with the heat also comes some good news. The major danger to vine leaves and fruit is powdery and downy mildew. When your vine hits 33 degrees for an extended period of time or is directly exposed to UV light these fungi are destroyed. So heat also reduces the need to spray your vines, until the next significant rains.

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Cheers and happy vine growing,

The Urban Vineyard Project